Canopy tents – those very simple tents that you can see at any trade fair, neighborhood fair and at many other types of industry events or community festivals – are actually among the most popular advertisement carriers used by companies today. There are many reasons why these small and usually simple tents enjoy such a great popularity – here are some reasons why companies recognise the great efficiency offered by the solution and why they are willing to invest into canopy’s even when times are tough.

Infinite Customization Options

In the strict sense of the word, a canopy tent is a structure that has a small roof made from synthetic material, such as vinyl fabric, stretched on top of aluminum or steel poles that are fixed onto the ground. However, the modern canopy tent can be interpreted as a small tent that can have one or more walls added for more efficient protection from the weather as well as to provide larger services for advertising bar buses. Custom canopy tents vary considerably in terms of shape and size, allowing marketers to choose the configuration that best suits their needs in terms of the number of people to accommodate and the extra items to introduce into the tent.

custom canopy tents

Canopies are available in plain white, without any print, allowing the marketer to decorate the tent the way they want, using banners, table covers, flags and other advertisement carriers to put their message through to their target audience. However, marketers can also choose to have the fabric that forms the roof of their canopy as well as the walls printed in a workshop to display the company’s logo, slogan, contact details or their promotional information.

Ease of Use

Another great feature of canopy tents that makes these units worthwhile for any company is the easy set-up options, the easy transportation in the sturdy case that comes with most of these tents and the easy storage. Even large canopies can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes and packing the send into each case is equally simple and easy.

Durability and Resistance to the Elements

Canopy tents are made from lightweight, but very sturdy and very strong materials, such as vinyl, aluminum and steel, making your tent the perfect refuge not only when the weather is nice and you and your customers just need a place to sit down for a few minutes, but also when the weather turns foul, when the wind begins to blow and the rain starts to fall. Even the smallest, thinnest tent will be able to serve you right for long, long years without fading or getting damaged or worn.


Another aspect that convinces companies to invest into a canopy tent is the convenient pricing for these sturdy and versatile tents. Whether you choose a white unit or you are looking for a higher level of customization, your tent will be one of the most before the bull items in your marketing mix, leaving money in your pocket for development in other areas, too.