Play On Carpet Remove Dog Urine Odor And Stains From Carpet And Hardwoods

Who is waiting for you every time to happily welcoming you home? Who wakes you up every morning, (and sometimes even a few times a night!)? Who knows how to love you unconditionally and wait until you learn and offer without asking for anything in return? Pets are beings that must be loved in order to understand them. Understanding comes from a deep connection within their souls, where instinct fuses with the sweetest feelings of pure love.

But what do you do when, after hours and hours in which, with patience and empathy, you train your pet about urinating in some particular places, indoors or outdoors, but accidents still happen and you must deal with urine stains in the house?  In such situations, it is easy to feel discouraged, like all your efforts have been in vain, but instead of this, you should… get dressed and go shopping. Yes, that`s right! And no, we do not recommend this as a therapeutic technique for distracting negative thoughts, but to buy adequate cleaning products that will help you to remove urine stains completely and prevent the appearance of others, in the same place or in other places in the house.

Therefore, ignore all the marketing strategies that try to put in your basket cleaning chemicals, beautifully scented, together with the promise that they will remove any stain. When it comes to pet stains, these will not eliminate the problem, as they can only dilute the stain and mask its appearance and smell. A certain amount of urine will still remain there and keep producing the foul odor you know only too well.

Use an enzymatic dry powder

Enzyme-based detergents release bacteria that eat urine, leaving the area clean after drying. Detergents based on non-protein substances will not cope with the intense smell of pet urine. Pets have a much more developed sense of smell than humans, so if the odor is not removed properly and completely, your animal will feel it and be motivated to urinate again in the same place.

By using enzymatic dry powder, the odor is completely removed and your pet will not return to that place to urinate. These detergents can be found in pet stores, but also in supermarkets with dedicated areas for pets. No matter where you buy them from, make sure you use them correctly, according to the indications on the packaging, for a favorable result.

Dry powder can be used as it is, directly on fresh urine stains, or mixed with water and transformed into a liquid solution that can be sprayed on dry stains existing on porous surfaces and materials (carpets, sofas, armchairs, etc.).  They even do well with lifting and removing dog urine odor hardwood floors and other hard surfaces.

Try to prevent potential future accidents

The more your pet urinates through the house, the harder it will be to remove the foul odor. The best way to fight this problem is to prevent its occurrence, so you must also work on discovering the cause of the odor. In some cases, it may be a medical problem, not a wrong behavior.