Today we are too much into e-shopping and trading online. All of us know how much we are attracted to these e-commerce platforms. If not for shopping, at least for window shopping we are a part of these sites. But do you think that we are into every single e-commerce platform that works globally? The answer would be a big No. This is because our liking for a particular site varies from one person to the other. We have two or three sites that we visit often, and that is what we prefer. So what are those factors that attract us to a particular platform? This is what we will discuss here.

Friendly Interface:

The interface of the site has to be friendly. This means that the visitor must find it easy to access and must understand how to use it. The platform should not scare or put the person to fear in any way. It also must be made sure that things are written and designed in such a way that they are understood in common parlance. All classes of people who visit the site must understand it in the same way.

Quality of products:

The kind of products that are sold on the platform will have a significant role to play. The display pattern and the design of the site will take a back seat when it comes to the quality of the product. Many sites look much prettier than Amazon, but when it comes to quality and assurance, people choose Amazon over other sites. That is why we say that the quality of the products and availability of branded items will have a predominant role to play.

The perks that you enjoy:

Of course, free delivery is one of the perks that we love the most, but apart from that, there are also other important things such as discounts, membership benefits and other festive season offers. A site must always show the user something exciting. That is what users are expecting.

When promises are kept up:

When an e-commerce platform does what is expected out of its users that is when it proves itself as a good site. Being prompt when it comes to delivery, return offers and facilities to return the product that you do not like, you must not be forced to buy or hold a product, are some of the benefits that you get to enjoy. The design shown on the site and the actual product must be that same. This is one common problem with e-commerce sites. The colors never match. So, the site must sell what it shows.

Accessibility and Availability:

A vast range of products that the site has will always have a role to play in a person choosing a site. Sometimes you may not find the product that you are looking for. There might be issues in tracing a mobile cover that suits your mobile, or the number of shades in a lip product might run short, much worse, a slip-on might not be available for your size. If a site can remove these problems to the maximum possible, then it can win the hearts of the people. Read More