Purchasing medical equipment for a family member who needs it can be quite expensive. Many Americans still remain living at home, aging in place, so there is an increased need for medical supplies destined for home care. People spent about $55 billion on durable medical equipment last year, in the U.S., and a part of that was paid directly out-of-the-pocket.

In this context, finding affordable medical equipment for your family member in need is a justified concern.

One of the best options is to shop online.

Medical supplies are much more available online than in local medical stores and you get to compare products and offers without being pressed by the time, or pushed by sellers toward certain products. Just look for reliable authorized durable medical equipment Denver online providers who can guarantee safe transportation (sometimes free of charge!) for heavy and/ or bulky medical equipment and offer warranty. You can sign up for newsletters, so you will be noticed when there are special promotions. This way, you can save some good money, besides time and effort to move around and visit several local shops.

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Another option is purchasing used medical equipment.

Some medical equipment can be purchased second hand, without worrying too much about hygiene (e.g. medical scooters and other walking devices), but other require being professionally sterilized before being used by another person. There are also things that cannot be sterilized, and in this case you should consider very carefully your decision to purchase them.

Before purchasing a used item, you should also make sure that it functions properly. With some equipment such as wheelchairs, it is pretty obvious if they have issues functioning correctly. On the other hand, it is not always easy to determine whether electronic items are correctly calibrated. So, before purchasing used medical equipment, make sure you are allowed to test it for accuracy. This way, the risk to make a bad investment is considerably reduced.

Where can you find used medical equipment?

There are websites dedicated to selling used medical supplies, as well as independent living centers that maintain list of equipment for sale in their local area. If you are lucky, you may also find regular people who sell medical equipment they no longer need – and in this case you may be able to make a very good deal.

Renting equipment is another affordable option.

Renting is a great option especially for people who need medical equipment only for a limited period of time. For example, if a member of your family undergoes a surgery, they may need a wheelchair during the recovery period, but one everything returns to normal, the wheelchair will become useless – unless it is rented and you can send it back.

Renting also requires you to pay for medical equipment only for as long as you need it – which can be considerably less than making a big upfront payment for purchasing that equipment. A renting contract can be concluded for 3, 6, 12, 18 etc. months and you will not have to worry about the difficulties associated with the re-sale process, like in the case of buying.