While Microsoft is mainly known for the Windows OS and, more recently, for comprehensive applications and platforms such as Office 365 and Azure, the comparatively simple Microsoft Power Bi service and application is gaining a great deal of popularity right now.

Power Bi is essentially the only service you’ll need for managing your large repository of data that you might have to deal with as part of running your business. Whether it’s stored in SQL databases, Excel spreadsheets or hybrid cloud platforms, your data requires a common point that can allow you to manage all sources of data at once. That point of reference is Power Bi, so you can see just how important it can be to use it properly and responsibly.

Microsoft Power Bi consulting services

Introducing a New Way to Deal with Complex Data

The idea behind Power Bi is a simple one. You have a Windows-based application with a straightforward UI through which you control all the features of the service, and a SAAS service that’s simply known as the Power Bi Service. Through it you can view various reports and dashboards, while using Power Bi APIs to embed data into a wide variety of third party applications of your choice. Additionally, you also have access to the service through mobile devices available both for the iOS and Android OS.

Power Bi can help you handle a variety of different types of complex data coming from many different databases, reports and other sources. The application and service is ideal for businesses small and large, report creators, developers, administrators and analytics experts.

Why You Might Need Microsoft Power Bi

As a business owner, you’ve probably already had to deal with many discrepancies and issues associated with using various types of complex data platforms. Pulling data from different spreadsheets and reports into a single file can be a total nightmare, and some of the work has to be done manually (when utilizing the traditional way), which takes a lot of time and effort that would be better spent elsewhere.

With Microsoft Power Bi you can minimize these efforts, reduce the likelihood of human error, and ensure that your data is better organized than ever before. Your business’ overall efficiency will be increased greatly, while the workflow can be streamlined as the technology will do much of the work for you, so your employees will be free to pursue other important tasks.

The Advantages of Using a Power Bi Consulting Company

The best way of handling the learning curve associated with using Microsoft Power Bi is to hire a reliable Microsoft Power Bi services expert or firm to help you and your employees get all the insight on the best features and methods that will work for your business. A consulting service will help you install and learn about the main capabilities of the software, as well as providing you with the specific information you’ll need to get started implementing Microsoft Power Bi for particular uses associated with your business’ needs.

Ultimately, using a Power Bi consulting service in the long run can help not only organize your data, but speed up your processes, get better results with your analytics and handle your clients more efficiently. It can even help you lower your business expenses considerably over time, and help boost your profits as well.